Some of the services that Northside Kart Supplies provide.


Tyre fitting with the purchase of tyres $15.00

Tyre fitting without purchase of tyres $30.00

Seat Fitting (does not include price of seat or parts) $75.00

Carburettor service Tillotson (includes supply of carby gasket kit) $50.00

Carburettor service Tillotson (includes supply of full repair kit) $65.00

Wheel Alignment – starting from $40.00

Chassis Straightening – starting from $150.00

Labour for Kart Race Preparation/General Repairs $75.00 per hour

Dyno Services – starting from $99.00 per hour

Engine Servicing & Rebuilding – Please call for pricing

Engine Mount Drilling $40.00

Axle Straightening $50.00 per axle

Axle Linishing $25.00 per axle

Welding Services – starting from $40.00